Thursday, July 1, 2010


Karch my partner in trying "New to us" places to eat in Las cruces, NM.   We have lived here a year now!! wow.. We decided we should post about our eating adventures on the BLOG.  We will try and include a picture of the food we try.  I love to eat and try new places. So I often ask random people I meet where they like to go. Most of the time I like to make a list off the place people in the cities vote on for the "best of the area". So if I ask someone their favorite place and Its not on my list I quickly add it. My list keeps growing!! I was told about a little place accross from the las cruces high school called "Slightly toasted". We decided it was a good day to try it and headed out. We found it easily  accross from the highschool where is was said to be. always a good sign. We then went in and found a small but nice little dining room with about 4 tables. They had a great little selection with fantastic prices. I tried the Green chile burger and karch the bacon burger. Granted we got them without the buns this time and we were pleased. Mine had great flavor with lots of yummy green chiles and a side salad. Karch's was great flavor with nice thick bacon. We gave this little place a huge thumbs up great food and great prices!!

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