Sunday, June 20, 2010


WOW, I have wanted to make chile relleno's. I just cant find them here that I love. I like the ones in colorado at on the border. Nice crisp chiles, not mushy. They have a great crisp coating and oooey gooey cheese. Well I finally did it, and was surprised just how easy it was. I tried a recipe that had you whip the egg whites and then fold in just a tiny bit of flour and some whiped egg yolks. It was great fluffy batter. I roasted the chiles on the gas top stove and peeled them.  I Stuffed mine with cut up slices of monterey jack. I know there are different cheeses to stuff with so thought I would try this one first.  Then I dipped the chile in plain flour and then dipped it in the batter. It was fast easy and off to be cooked. I had some picante sauce that I used instead of making my own sauce. Next time I will try a sauce. 

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