Friday, April 23, 2010

Making Tamales

The greatest thing about living somewhere new is learning how to do something new!! So to make the most of being in Las Cruces, New Mexico I decided I need to learn some local cooking skills. I decided to provide my own teacher and find a couple of classmates to learn with.  So after getting Sister Bybee and Sister Young rounded up to learn with, I asked Sister Delplane to teach us how to make TAMALES.  I went with her to buy the groceries on monday and we made them on wednesday. Let me tell you I learned new things just from shopping with her.
Here are the pictures of us making them!!

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  1. Angela can you send me the recipe for her filling, the meat part. I make tamales all the time but I'm sure I learned the American way and I want to see how my recipe differs from an authentic one. Have fun in NYC!!