Saturday, February 20, 2010

How I REMAKE a skirt

After losing weight... I have given away several different wardrobes worth of clothes. Some I just have loved. I finally came to my senses and thought wait a minute Maybe I can save some of these. So I Came up with a cheaters way of downsizing my skirts. I wish I would of thought of this alot sooner.. Saving me favorite skirts, and money. 1- Cut off the top waist band and sides to the size you want the skirt. I make them all have elastic to make it fast and easy.
2- Measure a piece of elastic the size of your waist and then take off a couple of inches. You will still end up with more elastic than you need but it works. Put in right on the unfinished edge and stretch and sew around the edge with a zig zag stitch... This wont show once you are done.
3- When you come to the end overlap just about a 1". Remeber this is a cheaters way so if its a little more or a little less than dont stress... (be happy)...

4- This is the last step fold over and sew on the bottom edge with a straight stitch. WARNING if you are a perfectionist Im sure you just gasped, This may not be the method for you!!! But for me who loves to shop thrift stores and likes to have lots of choices to wear this is perfect

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  1. Perfect! Being a cheater in many areas of my life, including diets, crafting, monopoly, and especially sewing, I love this post!
    Glad to see you have your machine back!